An open single-coil with AlNiCo5 magnets. Sweet, dynamic and spherical when used for clean tones but noiseless and articulated even with the most brutal distortion. Of course it has two coils but with a unique design the noise cancelling coils is much more separated from the strings thus enabling a rich, full sound instead of a weak shimmer. The pickup is 27mm high so it is best to check if the pickup cavity is deep enough, you might have to make it deeper to accommodate this pickup. The Truth is available in two variations, the Truth Classic is for those who are looking for that bell-like, open sound. While the Truth Blues has a bit more output, a more emphasised midrange and a bit less highs. Recommended for the neck and middle positions.

  • Resonance (at 400kOhms):
    • Truth Classic: 3400Hz
    • Truth Blues: 2800Hz

1. Beyond the Clouds - Download...

2. Ballad of the Truth - Download...

3. Truth Theme - Download...