This singlebucker family is born to raise hell, give 'em sweet distortion and they will do your every bidding. Of course they can be tamed to produce some nice cleans, especially the Minimonster Jazz at the neck, it has a soft, rounded sound with a modest bell-like ring to it. If you take a Stratocaster with three single-coils, put a Minimonster Bloody at the bridge to have a wild hugemidrange scream punch, big output and some nice singing lead sounds at your disposal. If you don't need that much power you can't go wrong with the Minimonster Crunch, it has enough in it to get that sweet legendary rock tones, it's also a perfect choice for the middle position. Thanks to their unique magnetic structure and the high-tech materials used, the Minimonsters have an unmistakable, very characteristic sound. They are really responsive to different playing styles.

  • Resonance (at 400kOhms): between 1700-3600Hz
  • DC resistance: between 6-14k

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