From the ordinal black covers to transparent and really extreme, even gory looks.

With the help of the acrylate we can make pickups that no one has ever seen before. We can color the whole pickup, yes we can even make it look like a rainbow. We can make it completely transparent so that you could see the coils, we can also mix in metallic dust, images, logos, newspapers, rugs, basically almost everything.

The shape is made by pouring the acrylate in a shape, but it can be modified after it hardened, it can even be polished up.

The standard look:

  • - Satin black
  • - Or cream white

The unique looks:

The combinations of colours and patterns are endless although most musicians go for the standard black or cream. But if you would like to read your favourite comic while you read or would go for a distressed, vintage, or 'road worn' look, it is no problem at all.

Before making the pickup you want we discuss the look and the tonal character in detail with you. Some materials react badly when sealed in acrylate and some change colour but in most cases there is a solution to give you the pickup you won't see in anyone else's guitar.